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Sunday, June 30, 2013

World War Z Review

Ugh, another zombie mo–HOLY CRAP THEY'RE RUNNING! I'm Linus Schill, and this is my review of World War Z.

I never read the book World War Z, but I knew that there was one. When then the first trailer came out I couldn't have been more excited. Finally seeing zombies that run, and tackle, and take down helicopters, this is how zombie movies need to be made. The background was short and quit, and 20 minutes into the movie, they are in an RV, smashing into piles of the living dead.
We all know that zombies are popular right now. With The Walking Dead getting a 4th season, The Last of Us , Dead Island , Warm Bodies , and much much more, there is no shortage. However, this movie puts a whole new kind of realism to it. In every other instance you don't feel that the main characters are in danger, because you can overtake them with a jog. However, in WWZ, you feel their fear. You know that they are in trouble. People around them are being tackled and ripped apart. You know they are in danger, and you believe that they might not survive.

One of the things that I liked about this movie so much, was that the audience viewed what was happening right in Brad Pitt (and family)'s face. But at the same time, you were able to see the apocalypse at a global scale. I loved that at the end they showed why there would be some slow moving zombies, because they are dormit, waiting for brains. The entire end sequence was really good. I loved the whole idea that the zombies would not eat a diseased body, so becoming sick would make you invisible to them.
Overall, this movie gets 4 ingredients. Brad Pitt was great as the main role, this was his biggest opening for a movie ever, so that is good for him. If you have not seen it yet I highly recommend it. See it in 3D, because the CG zombies look fantastic, especially when they are flying at your face. Thank you for reading my review of World War Z , see you next time.
Linus Schill–––––––13
BLT Films Rating- 4/5 Ingredients