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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Revolution Season 1 Review

Lemme get this straight, all of electricity is now gone, so how again do our brains function? I'm Linus Schill, and this is my review of Revolution: Season 1. 

Back when the pilot first aired for this show, the released it for free on iTunes. This is always a smart idea for a new TV show because it reaches more people, and just seeing "Free" makes them jump to download it. The pilot did a very good job at keeping you hooked. It introduced a great idea that made you think a lot. What would happen to society if all electronics were rendered obsolete. However, a lot of problems are raised. A LOT. How do our brains work, when everything we do is because of electrical impulses. Why can't you just make a potato battery? Although, there are some things wrong with the show other than just the science.
First of all, how do they all have new clothing? Realistically, once the power went out people would start to make their own clothes by hand. Tied in with that is how do the soldiers of the Monroe Republic get uniforms with his logo on it? How were the flags made? Now you could say that they just made them by hand, but we have seen the original American flag. It was patchy and stitched. Not flat, smooth, and processed like it was shown in the show. 
Another thing that doesn't make any sense on this show is the whole thing with guns. Why do some people have muskets? Why don't you just use your normal gun? Furthermore, why do the members of the militia WHO WERE CLEARLY STATED OF STOCK PILING ALL THE WEAPONS carry the muskets? They have fully automatic weapons and yet they use a gun that takes a minute just to reload. Also, why don't engines work? They work on combustion the same way a gun does! One thing that is just ridiculous is that in the pilot, when the power is going out, why the hell do the planes spiral to the ground like some sort of top. PLANES HAVE WINGS! WINGS GLIDE! SO WHAT IF THEY LOST POWER, THAT DOESN'T IMPAIR THE ABILITY FOR AN OBJECT WITH AIR RESISTANCE TO FLY THROUGH THE AIR! 
Also, what is the situation with lightning? Did the writers of the show just not have a clear idea what the wanted to work and what not? At one point during the season finale, Monroe is out in a field and to emphasize that the power was turned on, they had a whole lightning storm around him which was super dramatic. Ok...but if lightning only happens when the power is turned on, why the hell was there a flash of lightning during a rain storm in one of the episodes. Its little inconsistencies like this that make you rase so many questions in your head.
Another big mistake that the show has is how limited you see of the world. Ok it is a global problem, but why don't you show other locations? The most interesting part of the show is watching what 15 years would do to cities, landmarks, buildings. But there is one problem that is just the most absurd. How the hell do they travel so fast? Theres no power right? Good. Just checking. So they just want us to believe that they WALKED from Chicago to Philadelphia. According to Google Maps that is  740 miles. Aprox. 10 days walking non-stop at 3 m/hr.
Are you kidding me? Oh yeah, there is also that little thing in the way, I don't know if you have heard of this, its called the Appalachian Mountains?   It kinda stretches from Maine to Georgia. You can't go around that, you would have to hike through it. I've done it, its not easy. Either the show doesn't know how long that is, or they can't show time for their life. If they had shown them making this journey, you could have shown all of the cities on the way, done Lord of the Rings-style mountain trekking with wide helicopter shots. And on the topic of telling time, when ever a transition from day-night, they use the same footage of the moon. Not only that, ITS A FULL MOON?? I guess when the power stops, the moon stays in the same phase every day the whole year.
However, the show does have some redeeming qualities to it. The drama is usually interesting, the characters are interesting, and it is intriguing to watch what might happen to a failed United States. All together I give it 3 ingredients. Thank you for reading my review of Revolution, check out other TV Show Reviews in the pink drop-down menu at the top of this page, and below this review.

Linus Schill–––––––14

BLT Films Rating- 3/5 Ingreditents

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