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Monday, August 18, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

I am Groot*

No one was more confused than me when Marvel announced what their 4 upcoming films in Phase 2 would be, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy. The big question, what the hell is Guardians of the Galaxy. I did a few Google searches and was able to safely assume it was an intergalactic, interspecies superhero team similar to The Avengers. But as more and more arose about the film including…Chris Pratt, my interest began to rise. Then the glorious day came when the first trailer was put out and I was instantly sold. Then the amazing reviews only got me more excited and the day finally came when I returned from vacation and was able to see for myself what all the hype was about.
Dear god is this movie fun. Its more than fun, its great. The action, the characters, the visuals, nearly everything about this movie was amazing. What I loved so much about this movie was that it gave you just enough of an origin, or just a motive, to each character. The Avengers didn’t have to do this because it had the past films to give that origin. But this film gave you just the right amount so that you felt you understood them completely, without wasting too much time on it.
One of the problems big spectacle movie battles have these days is the lack of risk or loss when the two opposing sides battle. This is seen in the Star Wars prequels, a big CG battle of an endless supply of clones versus an endless supply of droids. The Avengers somewhat suffered from this with the Chitauri how there was just an endless supply of enemies, and the heroes didn’t seem to be injured or even phased by an entire army. However, in Guardians of the Galaxy you really did feel like there was something to loose, a risk. While the main heroes don’t appear to be hurt that much, side heroes fight to the death, creating a blockade knowing they won’t make it out of their alive. The entire end scene was such a great alien invasion/battle scene that we just don’t see anymore.
All of the characters were great. Chris Pratt is to Peter Quill as Robert Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark. Zoe Saldana was great as Gamora, giving us another bad ass female superhero. Dave Batista was perfect as Drax, delivering some of the funniest lines in the movie. Bradley Cooper perfectly delivered the voice of Rocket. Not once in the movie could I tell it was him. I am Groot.
One thing I was worried this movie would do is get too crazy with new planets and creatures that we would get pulled out. What the movie did great was ground it back to Earth using Peter Quill, his references to the 1970s and 1980s, and the amazing soundtrack. It was a really clever way of us feeling at home in a place so far from it.
Overall the movie was a great, fun time at the movies. The plot was the weakest part, and it is barely weak at all. I give the movie 9/10 ingredients. Be sure to Like us on Facebook down below or at and Follow us on Twitter @BLTFilmsReviews. I can’t wait to see more of this crazy awesome group of intergalactic losers. You said it yourself bitch, they’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Linus Schill–––––––14

BLT Films Rating- 9 Ingredients

*I am Groot

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