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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

iPad Mini Review

Merry Christmas to all! This is going to be a fairly quick review, but I just wanted to get it out there. Many people have been making fun of the iPad Mini when it was announced. "Its just a huge iPod", "Whats the difference", "I don't understand the difference", "Whats the point?!". Well, I never had my doubts. I am a die-hard Apple fan and I rarely think their choices aren't without a purpose or intent. The same goes for the iPad Mini. When you hold it, you really don't want to let go. It fits so perfectly in your hand and you just love having it with you all the time. The setup was very easy without having to use a computer. Now, one thing that people have been talking about a lot is how there is not a Retina Display on the device. Well, I don't think it matters. With an iPhone, generally things are smaller so you hold it (somewhat) closer to you. With an iPad, everything is larger and wider so you place it on a table, further away. Because of that extra distance, the lack of Retina is less noticeable. Now, I do say "less". It is noticeable, but it is NOT distracting. Siri works great, I love it. The Maps is fine, some people in some places hate it, but thats them and people are entitles to their opinions. I, personally, love the maps and have a blast using the Flyover. Overall I give the iPad 5 ingredients. I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy New Year! Feel free to post your thoughts down below, as always, see you next time!

Linus Schill–––––––13
BLT Films Rating-5/5 Ingredients

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