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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Looper Digital Early Release

Back in November, I got the Amazing Spiderman on iTunes. Now, it was a "digital early release" surprisingly, it meant it was released digitally early. That is, earlier than the DVD copy. This is a really smart decision because today is Christmas, so people will be getting holiday cash and their impluse will be the same as mine: to buy it right way. Now I was really surprised when I saw this appear on iTunes because it was so early after release. However, after looking into it more, I saw that it is going to be released on Amazon on the 31st of this month. Now, some people would preorder the Blu-Ray and then get it by New Years, but honestly, it is not worth the wait. Its MORE expensive on Amazon AND you have to wait longer! Apple is doing a really good job with the digital early releases because the movie is always cheaper and it gets to you RIGHT AWAY. Another thing with using iTunes, is that the price remains constant. With Amazon, they are sending you a physical product so the supplies could change and the prices could flux. With Apple, unless there is a sale for some reason the price will remain constant so you know that buying the movie when you did, was a smart decision. No one likes that feeling of "why didn't I just wait until the price lowered?". Thats all for now, thank you for reading, tell your friends about the blog, and I'll see you next time!
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