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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

On Thursday, I saw the Hobbit at midnight. Now some wonder why people do this. Why they see movies at midnight, why they don't wait until the next day, etcetera etcetera. However, I am really glad that I DID see the Hobbit at midnight. This was the third time I had been to a midnight premiere. The first being Harry Potter 7 pt. 1, the second being The Avengers. It really isn't a waste of time. There is something about the thrill of getting to see his movie before anyone else that just makes the experience so great. Now, onto the review. I read the Hobbit for the first time over the summer and I loved it. I only read the book because I knew the movie was coming out. I also heard that Peter Jackson was going to make it into three movies. I didn't know how he was going to pull that off until two nights ago. The movie was fantastic. It was funny, full of action, and downright amazing. Some people thing that having all of those dwarves would make draw the attention off of each one and you would never see some, it would be unbalanced because there where so many, but that is just wrong. The movie did a great job making sure each one was seen just enough. Also if you do great job at showing how each of them is great in battle. All of the action sequences were great, and well paced. Gollum was fantastic, the visual effects on him were incredible and out of this world. It is amazing the things that can be done these days. He was also extremely creepy, a lot scarier, yet funnier, than the Gollum from Lord of the Rings. The movie ended great, with a perfect cliff hanger. Another thing, the movie didn't just END and say, Bilbo Baggins will return December 2013, no. It wrapped up very smoothly and very well. Now, there is one thing that I must mention, and this is what I didn't really like. They added this villianous orc that was supposedly Thorin Oakenshield's arch enemy. I won't say anything else though. Besides that, this movie was great. My rating of it is 5 ingredients. Thank you for reading, feel free to post your thoughts down below, and I'll see you next time.
Linus Schill–––––––13
BLT Films Rating-5/5 Ingredients
UPDATE: 12/16/12 6:52- Just saw it again! Still amazing!

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