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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 12: Crimson Horror

I'm Linus Schill, and thank you for clicking on this review, of Doctor Who.

When I saw that the name of the episode was "The Crimson Horror", I was instantly intrigued. As I've said before, I think that the episodes of Doctor Who that involve horror are always the best, because it limits the risk of jokes being lost, or "funny" moments not actually being amusing, which can happen. Not only that, but also because there hasn't been a bad one yet. Now, the name does skew you away from the actual tone of the episode.
I personally did not think that it was one of the "scary" episodes, but the name that the locals gave to the rejects was very apt, because it felt like that is the kind of thing they would call it. I was not expecting that the Doctor would be locked up in the room, because it felt like there would actually be a "monster". Doctor Who usually has that kind of thing, the main person, the ruler, the overlord, or just the big bad wolf. I didn't expect Mr. Sweet to be a little worm parasite, thing, on her chest. I knew that Mr. Sweet was something alien, or supernatural, but I didn't think it would be hiding there the whole time.
Another reason I liked this episode, was because it didn't have the Doctor in all of it. Its nice to see his friends or sometimes someone else step up to rescue to Doctor. That is why I liked Blink So much too.
Overall, it was a really good episode, and felt like it worked itself into the show well without changing the course of anything major. Thank you for reading my Doctor Who Review of The Crimson Horror, which I give 4 solid ingredients. As always, see you next time.
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BLT Films Rating- 4/5 Ingredients