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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Hangover III Review

I'm Linus Schill and this is my review of the final part in the Hangover trilogy.

When the second Hangover came out people got super excited. The first one was so funny, and such a success, so everyone went to see it. The problem was, it was the exact same movie as the first one, just in Asia, and a different man's wedding. Because of this, when I heard that HO3 was coming out I just groaned because I thought it would be the same as the other two. Well I was wrong…mostly.
One of the big things that separated this movie from the other two was that this one actually had a plot. The other movies had one goal, find Doug. Yes things happened a long the way but that was all in search for Doug. In this movie, there were backstories, subplots, plot twists, etc. Because of this, I felt like it wasn't as funny as the others. Yes it obviously had its funny parts, but the movie was more serious. This made this movie feel like it didn't really belong in this franchise. It was a great way to tie things up, close the loose ends, and conclude the franchise, but it wasn't a very good comedy.
There were many things that I did enjoy, however. I loved that Jade came back with Carlos, seeing them all grown up was very funny, and kind of nostalgic. There were a lot of funny parts, I loved the whole beginning with the giraffe. There were a lot of those moments when you realize why something in another movie is why it is, because of this, etc. It explained a lot which was very interesting to watch
Overall, it was an ok movie. Not as good as the first, but much better than the second. I give it 3 ingredients. Thank you for reading my BLT Film Review of The Hangover III, see you next time.
Linus Schill–––––––13
BLT Films Rating- 3/5 Ingredients