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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pixar Week: Ratatouille Review

Sorry for the delay, but Pixar Week is back. I'm Linus Schill, and this is my review of Ratatouille.

Coming off of Cars, any Pixar movie would be an improvement. This movie was, but however not to the levels of the previous films. It was spectacular to see Paris in Pixar form, and to see what a rats nest (as disgusting as that may sound) could look like. It also was interesting to see how a kitchen in a prestigious French restaurant would feel to be inside and working next to top chefs. I think the bonding of Remy and Linguini was good, but the hair controlling seemed a little over the top. It just made such little sense and the movements did different things every time that it was hard to wrap your mind around it.
As always the locations were spectacular. As I said I loved seeing Paris, but also underneath Paris. I loved that one scene where Remy was trying to scalage for food, and he is climbing from the sewers into a restaurant.
All of the characters in the movie were good. John Ratzenberger's cameo as the waiter was funny and very subtle in comparison to the larger roles he has played in the past. 
Overall the movie was good. I give it 8 ingredients. Not Pixar's best, but not Pixar's worst. Oh no, the worst is yet to come. Thank you for reading my review of Ratatouille. Sorry for the delay, it was supposed to come out yesterday but there were some issues. Stay tuned because later today I will be reviewing Wall-E. Be sure to check out the other Pixar Week reviews in the red drop-down menu either down below or at the top of this page. Also be sure to "Like" us on Facebook at See you next time!
Linus Schill–––––––14
BLT Films Rating- 8 Ingredients

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