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Friday, February 21, 2014

BLT Buffet #7: Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer, And More!

Hello and welcome to BLT Buffet #7. This week I will be discussing new trailers, casting calls, and more! I'm Linus Schill, and this is my review of the latest and greatest news from the world of entertainment, laid out to you in a BLT Buffet.

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer #1
Guardians of the Galaxy is by far the most ambitious film Marvel has made to date. Coming from an audience with a pre-existing knowledge of next-to-nothing, from the start they knew it was going to be an up-hill battle. When I heard that this project was coming at Comic-Con last year I was confused because I thought it would be Doctor Strange, Black Panther, etc. I had never even heard of these intergalactic Avengers. As more information of the project began to surface, production art, and teaser posters and all, my excitement for the film grew. I already was expecting greatness just because it is Marvel, but now it began to peak my excitement. I had expected to see the first trailer drop at the Super Bowl being that over 100 million people watched it. When one did come, it was only a matter of waiting, because it was expected to release during the month of February. 
Well the wait is over my friends and the trailer is here. Premiering on the Tonight Show on February 18th, it got the whole internet excited including me. I love this first trailer. Giving us a great look at what the tone of the movie will be, which was widely questioned. The film also lets us know that despite its source material, it will be very grounded, and not too alien and silly. Groot and Rocket both look great, and the VFX work isn’t even done, which is the last to be completed on the movie.
There were 2 more things that came along with this new trailer, well really 6, a new poster and 5 short spots on each character. The poster I think is great. It doesn’t show too much, being that it is just a teaser, and how can you go wrong with such an amazing tagline “You’re Welcome”. Truly brilliant on Marvel’s part. The 30-second spots are interesting to watch, because you get a quick interview with the actor playing the character, and also a small behind-the-scenes look at the character. Most notable is Rocket, which gives us test VFX for the character, but also the voice work done by Bradley Cooper which was great to finally hear. 
I am sure there are many more things to be seen and heard from this movie, a second or third trailer, another few posters. It is very likely we will see character posters for each at some point which could be very cool. Guardians of the Galaxy comes to theaters on August 1st, 2014. The trailer can be seen here. If you want to see the individual character videos click the characters name: Peter Quill (Star Lord), Garmora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket. A large version of the poster can be seen by clicking on the image for this post. 

Fantastic Four Reboot Cast Announced
Since the announcement of the Fantastic Four reboot, everyone has wondered who would be cast for the team. When early casting rumors started to emerge it was clear what kind of approach Fox would be taking: a much younger one. Rather than have characters in their 30’s or 40’s (as seen in the comics and the first two film adaptations) they would be in their 20’s. It was pretty clear from the initial rumors that Michael B. Jordan was in strong consideration for the role of Johnny Storm. This sparked a debate because in the comics Johnny Storm is not African-American. Personally this doesn’t matter to me, as long as his sister, Sue Storm, was the same race as her brother. Now obviously they could have had interracial parents, or adoption, but personally for me thats what I would have liked to see. Clearly it doesn’t matter that much, but like I said thats what I would have preferred. 
Recently, the official casting call for the team has been released and it goes as follows, Miles Teller as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara as Sue Storm/The Invisible Girl, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm/The Thing. I have not seen these actors in many films, with the exception of Michael B. Jordan, so I don’t have an accurate critic on how they might portray these characters. Michael B. Jordan is an amazing actor, whom I greatly look forward to seeing in this film. The reboot is set to hit theaters on June 19th, 2015. 

Nike to Make Self-Lacing Shoes by 2015
This is a small piece of news that was announced recently, but I feel I should mention it seeing as there wasn’t much else to talk about this week. In 2012, Nike put out an auction for replicas of the shoes Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future II, when he first arrives in the year 2015. The proceeds went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, earning over $50 million. Although, despite being an amazing collector’s item, being a replica from the movie, one thing it lacked was the most important feature: the self-lacing technology. Well no longer will this concept live in sci-fi. Yes thats right, Nike announced recently they will be making self-lacing shoes, coming next yeah. It is crazy to think that next October is when Marty comes to the “future”. I guess they thought we would have had invented a lot by now. Nope, just Flappy Bird and YouTube. Sorry Doc. 

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