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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The LEGO Movie Review

This movie was awesomeeee. This movie still looked cool in 2D. This movie was awesomeeeee. I was livin the dream..I’m Linus Schill, and this is my review of The LEGO Movie

I think I can speak for most people when I say that The LEGO Movie did not sound very compelling from just the title or description. “How do you make a movie about LEGO’s?”, “What is it even about?”. Questions the first trailer didn’t even answer for us. It didn’t matter though, because the first trailer gave us a taste at what the tone of this movie would be, and what kind of fast-paced, sporadic, and wild. But most importantly: fun. The trailer was no short of laughter and enjoyment inducing, which exactly matches the experience you will get from seeing this movie. 
There were many things that made this movie so great, why it maintains a solid 96% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and why it has grossed over $200 million in just 2 weeks. However I think the most crucial point this movie hit, was not to make it a kids movie, rather kid-friendly. When you say “kids movie” that means, generally speaking, it is a film parents take their kids to see, because their kids want to. Kid-friendly, or family-friendly, are films that parents can take their kids to see, and they will get about half the humor, while adults get the other half. This is the crucial formula which makes Pixar movies so great. When you see Pixar movies, there are adults going by themselves in the audience. When you see such recent movies as The Nut Job, Planes, Planes: Fire and Rescue, Free Bird, and more, you see parents watching with their kids. During The LEGO Movie, there were dozens of adults sitting by themselves, or with a friend. 
One thing that made this phenomena so noticeable, was when certain jokes would occur onscreen. On some jokes you would hear the dozens of kids in the audience, and maybe some adults giggle, for example when Emmett was falling down to the hole in the construction site. Other times, a joke would appear that would make subtle adult humor, like Batman being a terrible boyfriend and saying hilarious things little kids wouldn’t get. Every kid in the room would be silent, and all the adults would be laughing hysterically. 
Another thing that made this movie so great to watch was the incredible animation and visual effects. The movie made you forget in almost every scene that this wasn't done with stop motion, because of the amazing level of detail the filmmakers went into when creating this movie. Every movement, every twist, every turn, all followed the physically guidelines a LEGO would have to abide by in real life. Jumping-jacks, walking, running, everything. It truly was incredible. If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend doing so. See it in theaters while you still can, because it is a movie not meant to be watched on an iPhone. 
Overall this movie was fantastic and I give it 10 ingredients, and it enjoyed every last LEGO-bite of it. Thank you for reading my review of The LEGO Movie. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook down below or visit our Facebook page directly at If you want to read up on news regarding the sequel now set to come May 26th, 2017 check out BLT Buffet #6 by clicking here. As always, see you next time!
Linus Schill–––––––14

BLT Films Rating- 10 Ingredients