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Sunday, March 16, 2014

BLT Buffet #9: Captain America 3 to be Released Same Day as Man of Steel 2

Hello and welcome to BLT Buffet #9. This week I will be discussing Man of Steel 2, Captain America 2, and more! I'm Linus Schill, and this is my review of the latest and greatest news from the world of entertainment, laid out to you in a BLT Buffet.

Captain America 3 to Open Against Man of Steel 2

When Marvel announced 3 release dates for their Phase 3 films, as apposed to project titles, everyone began playing the speculation game. Is it Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Luke Cage? It was then also announced that two of those dates would be filled with Captain America 3 and Thor 3. When it was announced that Man of Steel 2 would be moved back to May 6th, it was noted this date was shared with one of the mysterious films. Recently Variety claimed that they had reports that that film would be Captain America 3. While earlier then expected, this would mean we would see Captain America in 2014, 2015, and 2016. This also means the two would have to battle the weekend for the box office. While normally I would think that Man of Steel 2 would win the box office prize, I am beginning to believe other wise. With the early reports coming out of Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s quality, and possibility at being the best in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) it seems to be drawing more attention. This film not only has the first Captain America film going for it as well as the help from The Avengers, but also Marvel’s brand recognition. When people hear Marvel films they think Iron Man, The Avengers, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, all great films. I believe that this high level of respect for the films will draw more audience then the sequel to a film that I personally liked, but was seen with mixed reviews from all audiences.  
Man of Steel 2 Script Incomplete

Another report that came out recently that claimed the Man of Steel 2 script isn’t complete. This came from Jeremy Irons, who is going to be playing Alfred in the film. If the script is next-to completion I do know believe this is a big deal because the script is modified on the go throughout the film. However, if a major portion of this script isn’t done and filming is about to begin, it makes me nervous. I trust that this film will be good, but from everything that has been coming out it doesn’t appear so. With random additions of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, whole year delays, and now an incomplete script, it doesn’t sound good. I don’t believe it will be a big deal because it is unlikely they would have begun actual production without a complete script.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Advanced Screening and Review

This next bit is less of news in the world of movies, but more news at BLT Films Reviews. This Thursday I am lucky enough to be able to get an advanced screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I will post a review of the film this weekend, but it will be a different kind of review. Keeping in mind that most people haven’t seen this film, I will shorten it, and give as little as I can away. When the film does open, two weeks later, I will do a more in-depth review, because you as viewers will be able to see it.

Thank you for reading my short BLT Buffet this week. Sorry it was posted on Sunday rather than on Saturday, I have had a lot to do this weekend. Once again, make sure you are on the lookout for my review of Captain America: Winter Soldier this weekend. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook down below, or visit us at Also, make sure to Follow us on Twitter @BLTFilmsReviews. We have a new widget on the left sidebar of this page so you can see everything we are tweeting. Once again, thanks so much for reading. I'm Linus Schill and I'll see you next time.
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