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Monday, March 10, 2014

Non-Stop Review

This film has the resemblance of Air Force One, the over-the-phone threats from Taken, the alcoholic onboard the plane from Flight, and the classic “one of us is the culprit” whodunit scenarios from every movie ever. I’m Linus Schill and this is my review of Non-Stop

When I first saw posters and trailers for this movie, it didn’t peak my interest too much. Even towards the release, with a mediocre average critic score I still didn’t see myself getting around to watching it. However, as a few of my friends started strongly recommending it, and one of them wanting to see it with me I succumbed to the pressure and did. 
Coming in with a low expectation for the movie I was happily surprised. The suspense kept you on your toes, and Liam Neeson as always was great to watch be a bad ass. From the beginning, you knew that film would do what if it can to make you think one person is the culprit. It succeeded in doing so, by drawing attention to various people while keeping others looking innocent. Now, I won’t reveal who the killer is, because that was a fun part of the movie.

The characters in this film were nothing particularly special. It seemed the film tried to give Liam Neeson’s character, Bill Marks, a troubled past but failed at doing so. Mentioning a tragic event or history in one sentence and then never elaborating on that again doesn’t make you care about the character any more. His ribbon did come back however, but the fact that he is an alcoholic in no way played into the film. The same can be said about Julianne Moore’s character, Jen Summers. She said she had a rare heart disease once but it never plays a role later in the film, so it makes it unnecessary to mention it in the first place. 

Another thing that bothered me was some of the unrealism in the movie. For one, how did they manage to smuggle cocaine and a time bomb onto a plane? Yes it was in the air marshal’s baggage, but just because they are an air marshal doesn’t mean they skip through security. In fact, Liam Neeson actually corrects someone in the film for thinking so, so whats the explanation for that? Also, when the copilot went into a nose dive to reach the right elevation and air pressure, wouldn’t the two jets have shot them out of the sky the moment it occurred? When Liam Neeson was asking that of the copilot he said he couldn’t do that or he would be shot out of the sky. I guess a commercial airline nose diving is too fast for 2 military jets with weaponry. A final thing that bothered me was the airplane bathroom. First of all, Liam Neeson would have suffocated in the bathroom while smoking in there, and no, brushing your hand through the air does not magically make smoke disappear. Even if he didn’t, and he was out quickly wouldn’t a sudden gush of smoke come out of the bathroom and alert the external smoke detectors? Or at least the passengers? Questions like these make the movie pretty confusing to watch.

Overall this movie was enjoyable, but not the greatest, and I give it 6 out of 10 ingredients. I wouldn’t suggest seeing it in theaters, but rather waiting for Netflix to put it up on instant (which I guarantee it will within 6 months). Thank you for reading my review of Non-Stop with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. Be sure to “Like” us down below or check us out on Facebook at Or you can find us on Twitter @BLTFilmsReviews. See you next time!

Linus Schill–––––––14

BLT Films Rating- 6 Ingredients