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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hitchcock Review

Yesterday, I got to see Hitchcock. Now, I am a big Alfred Hitchcock fan. I have seen plenty of his films to go around. So, finding out that there was going to be a whole movie about making movies, something I love, and Psycho, I just flipped. One of the best things that REALLY helped the movie, is the actors they got to play certain characters. Scarlet Johansson did a great job as Janet Leigh, Hellen Mirren did great as Alma Reville, but most of all Anthony Hopkins was GREAT as Alfred Hitchcock. The way he moved and spoke, he just LIVED Hitchcock. But enough on that. Another great thing that I liked was how on a few brief occasions it showed the set, and them filming.

This is a list of the scenes that were shown:
• Marion Crane in bed/apartment with Sam.
• Marion Crane driving in the car
• Marion Crane in shower scene
• Parts of the set of when Arbogast was killed
• The final scene with "Mrs. Bates"

Also, when they showed the editing of the movie that was really interesting. Overall, I find this movie getting all 5 ingredients. Tonight at 9 I will be seeing The Birds. I only got to see the beginning of Psycho, and I will not be seeing Rebecca for the first time tonight either. Thank you for reading my review of the movie Hitchcock, and as always: see you next time!
Linus Schill–––––––13
BLT Films Rating-5/5 Ingredients

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