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Friday, January 18, 2013

Temple Run 2 Review

Recently, Temple Run 2 hit the App Store. This was very unexpected, but not unnoticed. The original was very popular very fast. However, it also died down very fast. Some people think that it will just be the same game. While that is true in some aspects, one being its incredible addictiveness, in other ways its a whole new game. First of all the graphics are incredible. Its truly amazing that a free game could look so good. There are also a number of new obstacles: zip lining, mine carts, spinning blade wheels, water falls, etc. Also, the environments you go through are incredible. Let me take a moment to talk about one, the mine. Whilst running, you may encounter a mine, as you approach the entrance, your characters automatically jumps into a mine cart and you start ridding on the track. You have to use the gyro to go onto some one-wheeled tracks, leaning to stay rolling, and sometimes deciding which tunnel you will branch off to. These are just a few of the many new features in this addictive sequel, and I hope you get it for free off the App Store. My rating of it is a solid 5 ingredients. Thank you for reading my review of Temple Run 2, and as always: see you next time!
Linus Schill–––––––13
BLT Films Rating: 5/5 Ingredients

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