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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pacific Rim Review

Building-sized robots fighting building-sized monsters, how could this get any–OH MY GOD HES USING THE OIL TANKER AS A BASEBALL BAT!! I'm Linus Schill, and this is my review of Pacific Rim

I didn't hear about this movie until pretty soon up to when it was coming out. I knew that there were giant robots fighting giant monsters, but that was about it. Unfortunately for the (never to be made) franchise, no one knew about it either. It is a good thing I did see it though because this became instantly my favorite movie experience of the year. This movie was so incredible I wanted to leave the auditorium, walk back to the counter, and buy another ticket. This movie was the biggest surprise out of a film I have ever watched.
There are so many great things about this film it is hard to know where to start. All of the acting was great. Every single one of Idis Elba's speeches made me feel like I could tackle the world. Also the battle sequences, oh my god, it was the most incredible thing I have ever seen on film. Every single shot was beautifully shot, planned, and executed. The sound design was superb, the soundtrack incredible. Everything about this movie deserves 5 ingredients, and if I could rate higher this is a movie that deserves a 10.
If you have not seen it, SEE IT, it will blow your mind in ways you can't even comprehend. Oh, and STAY AFTER THE CREDITS. The movie is not performing well enough at the box office for a sequel to be made, so ever bit counts. Thank you for reading my review of Pacific Rim, see you next time.
Linus Schill–––––––13
BLT Films Rating- 5/5 Ingredients