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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bat-Week: Batman Forever Review

Bat-Week's back, but not Forever. A whole week where I review all of the live-action Batman films since 1989. I'm Linus Schill, and this is my review of Batman Forever

All it takes is one look at the poster of this movie to understand that this will be a silly movie. Jim Carrey in a bright green suit with question marks all over his body? Tommy Lee Jones with half of his covered in red paint? Robin? However, through out the movie it was hard to grasp the actual tone. It was absurd in some parts, but very serious and sad in others. Bruce Wayne's parents getting murdered right before his eyes is a terrible, traumatic event. Dick Grayson's parents being murdered before his eyes too. However, you are pulled right out of that every time Jim Carrey comes on screen.
Now I'm not saying that Carrey's Riddler wasn't good, it just didn't fit the tone this movie was trying to achieve. His back story was interesting how he tried to live up to Bruce Wayne, and impress him with his work, but being let down, having that dream crash down on top of him. I thought that his device was cool for the time, but in reality that is nothing new now a days. 3D TV was a market, but no one bought it and it just ended. People would not go that crazy over something like that. Also, how did no one notice a green light beam fly out of the device that they are not attaching to their head. Although, at least he hit the role.  
Tommy Lee Jones should not have been Two-Face in this movie. He is a great actor when he's not an absurd super-villian with split personalities and half his body burned off from toxic waste. Jim Carrey worked as the Riddler because that character is cooky and wild, as Carrey usually is in his films. Two Face is supposed to be a serious character with a sad condition. It seemed they were trying to carry, well, Carrey's performance and character over to Jones'. 
Robin needs to fly away from Batman movies. It does not work. This movie felt so cluttered with different story lines, adding in a silly "side-kick" does NOT help the cause. You have Batman and his trauma, you have the Riddler's origin, Two-Face and his search to kill Batman, Riddler and his conflict with Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne and his love for Dr. Chase, Dr. Chase's decision between Batman or Bruce. YOU DON'T NEED TO ADD BATMAN AND ROBIN. Because of all this clutter, and silly vs serious, I give this movie a 3. Thank you for reading my review of Batman Forever. Check in tomorrow for my review of Batman and Robin. To read more Bat-Week reviews, select the yellow drop-down menu at the bottom of this review. See you next time. 

Linus Schill–––––––13
BLT Films Rating- 3/5 Ingredients

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