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Sunday, September 15, 2013

World War Z UNRATED CUT Review

WWZ: UR. Yes thats right, the zombie movie without any gore, is gunna get some. I'm Linus Schill, and this is my review of World War Z: The Unrated Cut.

While a lot of people had problems with this movie, usually how far it was from the book, it was still one of my favorite movies of the year. I saw it twice in theaters, and almost a third time. So when it was announced that they were going to release an "Unrated Cut" on iTunes and Blu-Ray, etc. I was happy. I can acknowledge that the amount of gore was kept at bay to fit in the PG-13 rating. So I recently got this version on iTunes to see what it was like. This review will focus mainly on the differences, for my full review of the film go click here.
Many times in this movie I had my self smiling at how fun some of the new action was. There was a lot more in-your-face stuff, rather than being distant, and Brad Pitt kicks a LOT more zombie-ass. Because there are so many new things, spread through the whole movie, I am going to list them off in sections

The Philadelphia sequence was probably one of my favorite parts of the film. For one, it showed how being calm and unaware can quickly flip into chaotic, wild, and nervous. There are a few differences in this scene, this first zombie that Gerry witnesses turn is shown smashing into cars and biting people very violently.

The parts in Newark was also very cool because it quickly showed people in chaos, caring only about their survival. The number of things added was quite significant. In the pharmacy, the man who points a gun at Gerry and his daughter, is also standing above a dead body in a pile of blood, presumed to be killed by him. The firefight between Gerry and the men attacking his wife is longer, and more shots are fired. 
When the family is making there way to the apartment complex, before entering, zombies start to chase them. Multiple fall from the roof. Gerry also turns and blows off one in the head. When they go inside, there is a shot of the zombies running past the homeless man, not bothering to attack him, foreshadowing to the 3rd act of the movie. There is now a greater struggle to get up the stairs, with more doors being locked and more obstructed. Also zombies are seen running up the stairs chasing them. Gerry shoots one in the head, and crushes another with a fridge. When they are looking for the youngest daughter, they come across a room, bloody, with a body smashed in by furniture. Karen repeats, "its not her, its not her".
Later, when they are making their escape to the roof, there is a lot more violence. Gerry kills many zombies instead of just one. He spears one in the chest, and even Tommy shoots one with a gun. I am not sure if that was there before or not, but it seemed to be new. Overall the entire first act was better.

World Travels
There wasn't much different in the facility in South Korea except for the fact that the prisoner pulled his teeth out on-cammera. There wasn't a noticeable amount of added gore in the fight to board the plane. However, Israel was very different. There was a lot more gun fire, cool slow-motion shots, and added gore. When his companion's hand was cut off the "stump" was shown, and a lot of blood was added. The plane sequence was also longer, with slow-motion shots as well. It also showed people transforming on multiple occasions. The violence got very extreme at some parts, with a gun having his neck ripped into and the blood splattering on the wall. The third act, in the facility, was mostly the same. A few more blood spurts here and there, but overall very similar.

All together the movie was improved greatly, moving its rating to 4.5 ingredients. Thank you for reading my review of World War Z UR. The link to this movie on iTunes can be found here: Be sure to like the Facebook page down below, or at See you next time!

BLT Films Rating- 4.5/5 Ingredients

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